The Los Angeles Skills Pool

Ideas for Services
rev. 4/15/10
car washing*
dance lessons (conventional dancing)*
dog walking
driving or errands**
driving lessons*
help with painting*
help with computer programs one knows well
help with house cleaning*
help with yard sale preparation and/or setup*
help with yard work*
hospitality or tour guide services
lawn mowing*
moving or hauling assistance*
moving preparation (boxing items)*
party serving*
phoning other members (or phoning others)
photography instruction*
sewing or sewing instruction*
use of pickup truck (provider could offer to drive, or not)*
vacation services for people with or without pets
   (pick up mail, water plants, etc.)
weaving or weaving instruction*
writing (must provide work sample)

*currently not offered and thus particularly valuable
**may be offered currently but still could be very valuable