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The Los Angeles Skills Pool
Why We're Better Than Barter
1.   No limit on services used.

2.   No bookkeeping.

3.   No transaction fees. Meager membership fee.
(Compare our low charges with annual dues of up to $500 or more plus transaction fees of 10% to 15%.)

4.  Friendlier. Conventional barter is really buying and selling, except that the parties use credits instead of cash.

5.  Cheating is virtually impossible. Conventional barterers often feel the need to overvalue what they offer, to keep up with others who may be overvaluing what they offer. This is simply not an issue in

6.  No worries that you won't be able to spend your credits. Many participants in conventional barter find they've accumulated credits that they just can't spend, because they don't need what's available. They wind up selling their credits at a drastic discount. Again, this is not an issue in, as we don't use credits.

7.  Anyone can join. All you need is a worthwhile service.
Our system differs significantly from that of conventional barter. Our members freely share their services; they don't have to "balance out" what they use against what they give. Members use as many listed services as they want, without limit, at any time.

Even so, members are protected with respect to their own time. Each new member stipulates a weekly maximum number of hours for which she or he is available. So members never give more time than they're comfortable with.  However, there's no maximum applying to what a member can use.

In practice,  members rarely reach their weekly maximums. If you nevertheless call someone who has reached his maximum, you'll still get the service--just not the same week. Members are obligated to arrange the service at the time of the call.

You'll easily see that has multiple advantages over conventional barter: