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The Los Angeles Skills Pool
Top Ten Reasons To Join
1.  You can save many hundreds of dollars in a single  year. Use all the services you like, without limit--no "free samples," no balancing out. Fully qualified providers.

2.  A more rewarding way of meeting your needs.  Associate with interesting like-minded people.

3.  Low fee--just $59 a year, plus a one-time registration fee of $66. Compare the cost of conventional barter systems, typically many hundreds of dollars yearly. Thirty-day guarantee.

4.  The advantages of barter, without the pitfalls.

5.  Easy access to services that would otherwise cost a bundle. Like acupuncture, music lessons, professional computer help, ski instruction, audio engineering, and original artwork. Plus personal taxi service [for doctor appointments, car repair, etc.]. All free.

6.  Easy access to hard-to-find services. Like singing telegrams, telephone transcription, and self-discovery techniques. All free.

7.  Easy access to professional services you'd want but might not wish to pay for. Like massage, life coaching, party entertainment, job seeking help, tutoring, and electrotherapy. All free.

8.  Our screening process assures that services are of the highest quality. Practitioners are fully credentialed, and qualifications are clearly laid out in the listings. Complaints are taken very seriously.
9.  Member outings, always at minimal cost. These have included restaurant meals, theater parties, and picnics at the Hollywood Bowl and Santa Anita Racetrack.

10.  The opportunity to attend theatrical performances and films at no charge. We've enabled members and their guests to see shows with ticket prices ranging from $40 to $60--and many pre-release screenings--all free.

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Five additional reasons--

11.   Valuable newsletter, oriented to getting more for your money and more from the Internet. Sample.

12.  Over 35 years in L.A. Brief history. Zero complaints and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

13.  Membership house parties. Most popular is our Anniversary Party, held in the fall.

14.  Fun contests for easily won renewals and membership extensions.

15.  You can pay for your membership either online via credit card or debit card, or by check. You can even 
pay in installments.

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