The Los Angeles Skills Pool

As of November 2007

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Since 1975, The Los Angeles Skills Pool has
given Los Angeles area residents unlimited access to lessons of all types,
and hundreds of other valuable services of all kinds, supplied by the
members to one another at no charge.

Services are freely shared, not traded. Each member commits to provide
service upon request, up to the weekly maximum she or he stipulated
upon joining. There's no maximum applying to services used. Membership
covers the applicant plus any minor children in the home.

The small membership fee (about eight dollars a month) is fully
Over 30 years in the Los Angeles area, we have a complaint-free record
with the Better Business Bureau.

As a member, you and your minor children will receive these services, as
you choose. Note that these are not free samples. Your membership
entitles you to continuing instruction, in any or all of the following.
All the tutoring and nearly everything else is provided one-on-one.

  • free expert tutoring in virtually all academic subjects from
    grade school through college, plus study skills
  • free expert instruction in:
  • massage
  • tennis
  • volleyball
  • Kung Fu
  • dog training
  • parenting
  • bookkeeping
  • sales and marketing
  • video editing
  • computer graphics
  • computer use--PC or Mac
  • Internet, incl. email
  • word processing
  • communication techniques
  • self-protection
  • cooking
  • singing
  • music composition
  • music conducting
  • painting
  • art journaling
  • makeup
  • yoga
  • languages
  • free one-on-one expert coaching in:
  • private investigation
  • job and career issues
  • weight loss
  • smoking control
  • fitness or strength training
  • cheerleading
  • theater arts (scene study, auditioning, etc.)
  • breaking into professional acting
  • writing of any kind
  • public relations
  • conquering procrastination
  • personal growth
  • self-empowerment
  • creating habits for health and success
  • goal realization
  • overcoming stage fright
  • overcoming writer's block
  • how to survive law school
  • professional development
  • and more
Members share a wide variety of non-instructional services:
professional, technical, creative, domestic, and blue-collar. Anything
useful is welcome, as long as it's offered without charge of any kind.
(Out-of-pocket expenses, if any, are paid by the receiving member.)