The Los Angeles Skills Pool

Life Membership
One out of every five members has opted for life membership.

The cost of life membership is $590. You may pay that amount in its entirety, or in semi-annual installments over three years. If you haven't yet paid regular dues, your down payment must be at least $170. There's a $5 carrying charge included in each installment except the last.

Although we have no plans whatever to fold, you'll be
guaranteed by contract a full refund of any monies in excess of what you would have paid in regular dues, should we cease operations prematurely.

You can opt for life membership at any time. Of course, you'll save the most by doing so before you've paid dues.

After we receive your life membership payment (in part or in full), we'll follow up with instructions to proceed, and you'll have the opportunity to change your mind, for an immediate refund of your payment. Even afterwards, you're protected by our
usual guarantee, as well as the special life contract guarantee outlined above (in the third paragraph).

If you have further questions, please phone (818) 240-SAVE. Or you can
sign up now as a life member, using our regular registration form, here.