Links to Member Websites
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Most members do not have their own websites. However, those that do exist give some idea of the variety of members' skills and talents. Note that since members choose the services they'll offer, it's possible that some (or even all) the services indicated on a member's website may differ from what that member offers in In some cases the link may be to the parent organization. Viewpoints represented are those of the respective website owners and not of
Christopher Moscatiello Photography. Photos by the talented photographer responsible for the picture of the Administrator used on the club website.  
Balance Mobility. One-on-one fitness assessment and training, consulting, and speaking, esp. training for seniors.  
California Community Clinic for Acupuncture. Restore balance naturally, by removing obstacles to allow the body's innate healing mechanisms to flourish.  
Electrotherapy by Elma Vann. Computer-controlled waveforms stimulate selected muscle groups, agitating fat cells, releasing toxins, and reducing cellulite.

Kimberly Rinaldi, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, with specialty certificates in weight loss, smoking cessation, and regression. Can help with grades, confidence, sports performance, finances, bad habits, phobias, pain, trauma, fear of success, and much more.
Liquid Bodywork. Aquatic therapy and instruction, provided in body-temperature water. Incl. Watsu (WATer ShiatSU) and WaterDance.

Sage Creek.  Supplier of organic cotton products, for baby and the home.
Life member of

Unemployed and Unemployment.  Corporate Attorney and Business Development Executive Paul Grahovac [not himself unemployed] puts his business and non-profit volunteer experience behind the unemployed community in one city.

Alicia Ghiragossian. The award-winning poet, published in three languages. (Requires Flash.) Life member of
California Institute of Locksmithing. State-approved institution, whose program includes placement help. Life member of
Energy Life Systems. Self-exploration, goal achievement, and healing, via a variety of holistic techniques applied by credentialed practitioners.
Nick Harris Detectives and Detective Academy. One of the oldest detective agencies and the first private investigation academy. Life member of
Friedman College. State-approved training programs, each leading to a new career in just a few short weeks. Life member of
Hollywood Hills Psychotherapy. Jung-oriented individual, marital, and group therapy, in the unique office/library of an old Hollywood landmark.
Christopher Moscatiello, Composer. Credits and samples (audio and video) of this accomplished musician.
Mangosteen: Join the Revolution. Multi-level marketing opportunity.
Life member of
Accent Tamer. Tames accents from languages and from regional dialects.
Life member of

Craig Ng. Actor in theater, film, and television, and acting teacher.

Foster Wilson. Actor in film and television.

Joy Darash. Actor in film and television. The skills-sharing organization of which the subjects of the links on this page are members.