"A CU staff writer who joined the group...found that in all cases the members were cooperative and friendly. He still belongs."
--Consumer Reports (Consumers Union)

"With a concept like this how could they go wrong?"
--Geri Cook's Best Bargains (newsletter)

"One reason for its popularity, members say, is the personalized feeling that comes with the transactions, and the friendships that invariably develop."                        --Los Angeles Herald Examiner

"...one way to save big money. Name a service, and a member of the bartering service FREE FOR ALL* can probably provide it."
                                                                          --Los Angeles Times

"Besides saving a great deal of money, members enjoy meeting a lot of terrific people....The L.A. Bargain Book's editor is in her second year as a FREE FOR ALL* member and speaks highly of the group."
                                             --L.A. Bargain Book (Paradigm Press)

*FREE FOR ALL is a former name of NotBarter.com