The Los Angeles Skills Pool
Privacy Policy
You can be assured that we won't disclose anything about you to a commercial or non-commercial organization of any description. This applies whether you're a member or prospective member. While information about members is shared with other members (via our member listings), information about prospective members is shared with no one.

We do not collect any data about you beyond what you knowingly give us. We do not use cookies. We do not sell, exchange, rent, or barter email addresses, phone numbers, or any other data about members or prospective members.

Our member listings are accessible only to members. We compose your member listing from what you tell us. You have the option of withholding selected information, or directing that it not be published.

As of 12/22/06, we no longer publish members' email addresses. Email addresses of members joining on or after that date are entirely private, and can be divulged only by those members.
There are just two exceptions: We may disclose a member's email address to another member (1) if the holder of the email address resides out of the Los Angeles area, and (2) in rare situations as deemed necessary with notice to the holder of the email address.

After you've joined, we may with your permission provide your first name and phone number to a prospective member in your locality. And if you're kind enough to send us a letter or email from which we might quote in our page of
reviews, we may display your name and town online along with the quotation.

If you have any question about our privacy policy, call us at (818) 240-SAVE [240-7283]. You may use that number also to review and change information you may have given us--or you may write us using this form. We don't expect any changes in our privacy policy, but, should there be any, they'll be reflected on the page you're viewing. This policy has been substantially unchanged since we established an online presence in 2002. The current wording is effective as of 9/11/10.
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