The Easiest Two Ways to Get Started
[First way]  If you reside in Greater Los Angeles, you may take out a trial membership at $14.00. This is an excellent way to see how you'll like us. It's a two-week limited trial, during which you'll be able to use up to two of our services, and members will be able to use up to two of yours. We'll explain it all to you in writing (or call us at 818-240-SAVE).

If is not what you expected, we'll promptly refund your fourteen dollars. All we ask is that you request your refund by the end of the trial, and tell us then exactly how we fell short.
If for any reason your trial membership is refused, of course, your fee will be immediately refunded in full.

If you want the trial, please remit by PayPal by clicking the button below. Then follow the instructions on the next page.

Every service is available to trial members, except for dentistry. Trial memberships are not available to anyone who has registered before remitting, or to two members of the same household.
These payment instructions are for trial memberships only. To take out a regular membership (fully guaranteed), register here instead. Or read on.

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[Second way] Go for our time payment* plan, and begin saving at once.
Register here now. (Do not use any other registration form, which will disqualify you for this plan.) For more information phone us at (818) 240-SAVE [240-7283]. Must live in Greater L.A.

*Time payment is payment extended over time. Membership benefits start immediately upon acceptance, after your initial payment.
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