The Very Best Deal in Wedding Services
As of February 2008
Join The Los Angeles Skills Pool at our very modest membership fee ($59 a year plus $66 to register), and receive any of the following wedding-related services free. These are not free samples or come-ons, but complete quality services that would otherwise cost a bundle.
  • Enjoy live musical performance of your selection (or a DJ, if you prefer)
  • Use our wedding photographer or videographer
  • Receive bridal coaching in advance from a credentialed counselor (wedding specialist), for a stress-free wedding
  • You can even use one of our ministers for the ceremony!
We're not a barter system or trade club. For details, read on.

As low as it is, the membership fee is fully guaranteed. Over 30 years in the Los Angeles area, we have a complaint-free record with the Better Business Bureau.

Membership entitles you to all kinds of other services as well--professional, technical, clerical, artistic, and many more. Services are provided by the members to each other. To join, you just need to offer one or more useful services of any kind. There's no balancing out of services given against services received. Controls ensure that no member is overburdened.

For further information or to sign up, visit our home page. Or phone us at (818) 240-SAVE [240-7283].